Youth Red Cross :

AIM :- The aim of YRC are (a) promotion of health and hygiene ( b) service to others (c) world friendliness. The fundamental principles:- the youth red cross shall function on the fundamental principles of the international red cross movement which are as follows:
* Humanity
* impartiality
* Independence
* voluntary service
* unity
* Universality

MOTTO : - “ TO Serve “
The objectives of youth Red cross (odisha) shall be to train the “zealous “youth in the fundamental principles of the red cross ,so that they may remain imperturbable , unwearyingly ,unflattering and develop in them the elements of quiet self - sacrifice when disasters strike humanity keeping this in view the YRC shall endeavors as follows, for-

* promotion of potentialities of the youth to enable them to render skilled philanthropic service toned up by a sense of self - sacrifice for the mitigation of suffering of the needy and distressed

* promotion of qualities of leadership traits of personality among youth .

* promotion of the spirit of self .reliance and digni by of labor among the youth .

* promotion of training is various skills to render qualified service to the needy.

* promotion of factors which may contribute to the establishment of peace at the national and international level.


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