Examination :

As prescribed by academic council of the Utkal University & Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa, there shall be present and Test Examination for the +2 IInd year classes, +3 Degree course of each year. +3 Degree students have to appear at the university Examination at the end of a session. A student who absents himself from any of the examination shall be fined unless he / she applies to the Principal with satisfactory explanations.

The University conducts one Annual Examination every year for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students of +3 Degree courses. The council of Higher Secondary Education conducts one examination each year Annual for +2 Arts, Science 7 Commerce streams.

Every student admitted to the course in a college or a student migrating from another University shall have to register himself / herself as a student of University / Council. On admission into the +2 courses and +3 courses, a student pays fees for registration of his / her name by the council of Higher secondary Education or University. When the name of the student is struck off the roll of college for default in payment, thereafter he / she is to pay a re-entry fee. The registration is essential for permission to sit for CHSE / University, Examination and the registration receipt is required to be produced at the time of filling up application form for admission to each CHSE / University Examination.

A student shall be required to attend at least 75 per cent of lectures, tutorials and practical classes taken separately in each subject in each academic year. Condonation may be granted only to the extent of 15 per cent in exceptional cases.
Provided that the University / Council may grant condonation of shortage in attendance to the extent of 5 per cent, when the students represent the institution for specific purpose to be recorded in writing.

Eligibility :
Every student is to register his name in the Council where the college is affiliated. The registered students are eligible to appear at the Examination in Arts / Science / Commerce streams provided that he / she has completed two academic seasons after passing the High School Examination or any equivalent examination. A candidate can take the Higher Secondary Examination in Arts / Commerce privately only on production of proficiency certificate from the Head of an Institution.

Pass Mark :
(i). The pass mark in theory & practical shall be, 30 percent & 40 per cent of the maximum marks respectively in that subject of group of subjects. The pass mark in the aggregate shall be 35 per cent.

(ii). If a candidate has passed in the compulsory 7 optional subjects and also in the aggregate the marks, if any, which he obtains in excess of minimum pass mark in the extra optional subjects will be added to his aggregate. The aggregate so obtained shall determine his / her division and this place in the pass list.
If a candidate fails in one or more subjects in the Higher secondary Examination but secure pass mark in aggregate , he shall be exempted on application from appearing again in that subject or group of subjects in which he pass and the order of exemption shall remain valid for the next two consecutive examinations conducted by the council. Provided that he shall have to clear all the failed subjects at a time and he shall not be placed in any division.

1.1. The Three year Degree Course leading to the Bachelorís degree in Arts / Science / Commerce of Utkal University shall be spread over a period of three academic years. A candidate for the Bachelorís degree in Arts / Science / Commerce shall be required to pass the following examinations.

(i) First University Examination
(ii) Second University Examination
(iii) Final University Examination

1.2. A candidate shall be eligible to appear the second and final and second university examination respectively. However, his / her results shall not be published unless he / she have passed in the First and Second University examination respectively.

1.3. A candidate for the Bachelorís Degree in Arts, Science and Commerce Examinations shall be required to enroll himself / herself under their regulations as a student

Admission to the Course :
2.1. Any person, who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa or any other Qualifying Examination recognized by the Academic Council or CHSE, Orissa as equivalent there to may be admitted to the 1st year of this course provided that a student shall not be admitted into Degree Courses in Science unless he has passed the qualifying examination in Science.

2.2. No student shall ordinarily be admired into the 1st year of the course four weeks (including Holidays and Sundays) after the date of publication of results of the Annual higher secondary Examination of the council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa or after the reopening of the Summer Vacation whichever is later. In exceptional cases, the appropriate authority may notify the last date of admission.

2.3. Candidates who on some valid reasons are unable to take admission within the time prescribed under regulation 2.2. above, may however be admitted into a college within two weeks (including Holidays and Sundays) from the last date of admission with a late fee as prescribed by the University. The principal of the College shall intimate the names of such candidates and their dates of admission and shall remit the late fee collected to the University in one lot within two weeks from the date of such late admission.

2.4. Candidates who have taken admission, on payment of the late fee, shall have the percentage of lectures counted from the date of such admission.

2.5. Candidates passing the instant Higher Secondary Examination of the Council Higher Secondly Education, Orissa may be admitted into a college within two weeks (including Holidays and Sundays) after the publication of their results provided that the candidates may be admitted within one week thereafter with a late fee as prescribed bt the University for each candidate. A candidate so admitted shall have the percentage of lectures counted from the date of his admission.

2.6. Admission to the second and third year course shall be completed within two weeks of the responding of the college without waiting for the publication of results of the first and second University examinations respectively, provided that the students may be admitted to the second or third year, as the case may be, within a further period of two weeks including Sunday and Holidays, on payment of a late fee as prescribed by the University for each student.

2.7. Provided further that students, who could not appear the University examination due to shortage of attendance, shall be allowed to take readmission in the same year at the beginning of the immediate subsequent academic session subject to the availability of seats. Preference shall be given to the students who have secured higher marks in the last CHSE of University Examinations, as the case may be.


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